About Me

Kartika Nair

A Fashion Enthusiast , MCA  and a web designer would easily define me - Kartika Nair, a blogger who writes about fashion , travel , food and lifestyle .

A keen interest to fashion , travel and food brought kartika here to write and share her experiences .She also design clothes as she was passionate to design clothes and style them. She has no prior experience in Fashion designing but yet she was able to design pretty good clothes for herself.

Okay ! Now can I speak for myself ?It feels weird to write about myself as third person.

Hey ! I'm Kartika ,being a stubborn minded person I did whatever I wanted to do in my life . I travel places like rishikesh,diu and delhi etc.I worked as web developer for quiet a few months.Now I'm currently based in Rajasthan soon be moving to my homeland Kerala. Hoping for more adventure and travel opportunities in future  so that I have more stories to share with you all 🙂