Rishikesh : A Place To Experience Calmness And Excitement At Same Time

Ganga river

Rishikesh has been the hell of a place for adventure seekers and pilgrims from all around the world. As it is famous for its beautiful scenic view of river Ganga and it's adventurous river rafting and bungee jumping Rishikesh has also been on top of the famous tirth(holy) places in India.

I recently took one week off from my work and went to experience this beautiful city. A friend of mine joined in for the trip anyways it's boring if you don't have anyone to witness your adventure. You know friends, they don't believe until you have proof of something that you did.

So, I packed my bag which usually is a task for me I don't know if it's me or every girl over pack stuff. I took anything and everything that I caught my hands on. I took the train from Jodhpur To Delhi as my friend lived in Delhi plus its closer to Rishikesh.

I reached Delhi at 6 AM in the morning my friend was there to receive me. We had some Coffee and head to Kashmiri Gate Bus stand. There are buses to Rishikesh every hour. So, we took a bus at 8 AM. It's about 8 hours journey. So you either have to sleep or if you are interested in reading you can pass the time doing that. I passed the whole journey listening to my favorite tracks and sleeping. I just can't stand buses especially AC ones I feel sick in them.

After 4 hour journey, we reached halfway to Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh was the bus stopped for a break at a Food Court named Bikano. This food court had everything from chats to meals. I was really starving so we ordered a thali which looked delicious.

Food from Bikano restaurant

Doesn't that make you hungry already? So we finished our food and again the journey continues from there to Rishikesh but this time the view from the window of the bus was amazing as we were close to Haridwar we began to see river Ganga I was already thrilled watching the water. I'm a water baby.

We reached Rishikesh around 5 PM in the evening. We got off the bus and head to find a rickshaw which took us to the Ram Jhula Bridge. You can go either by two-wheeler from that bridge to the other side or by boat. We walked along the bridge towards our hotel which was Hotel Yogvashisht.

Ram jhula

This bridge really was like a huge swing it kept on swinging when the wind blew towards it. For me, the adventure was already started?

By the time we reached our hotel using GPS navigation, we had our little tour of half of Rishikesh already. But it was all worth it, coz the Hotel Yogvashisht was so pretty and room and the view from its balcony was even prettier. I thought we will have the view of Ganga but that's okay coz the view of mountains was not that bad either. We had our lunch at the hotel only they had different cuisine Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian & Israeli Food. And like most hotels in Rishikesh, it was also vegetarian. We ordered Indian and it was really yummy.

Yog Vashisht
My room at Hotel Yogvashisht
View from the balcony of my hotel room

Day 1: Rishikesh Tour

We thought we will hit the roads of Rishikesh and roam around to see what we have. Our hotel was near to the ashram and Hanuman temple and of course river Ganga. We went through the Rishikesh market even though there was hustle bustle of the market I  still felt the calmness somehow, the chants playing in different shops and so many ladies carrying this flowers and diyas to the temple and sound of river Ganga's water flow was a spiritual experience in itself. It's such a spiritually blessed place.

Rishikesh Market
Rishikesh Market

We went to the nearby temple to see the art at Ganga Ghats.

Ganga river
hanuman temple

Then we went to have dinner at Chotiwala Restaurant which was just walking distance from the temple. This restaurant had amazing vegetarian food. It was delicious and cheap and well cooked. The Staff there were friendly too. We had their special thali.

Thali from chotiwala's

Special Thali At Chotiwala Restaurant

Day 2: Rishikesh Adventure

The next day we woke up to seek adventure we took a boat from Ganga ghat which was a beautiful experience in itself. The serene beauty of Ganga and beautiful mountains.

view from boat

We reached to the other side where we looked for the guy who runs the rafting agency. The guy took us to his office nearby in which he told us to sign up for some documents before going for rafting.

Then we went on half an hour ride to the place where the adventure of rafting begins. He took another group with us as we were only two people and rafting includes at least 5. So now we were 7 people heading to have the adrenal rush.

River rafting

As you can tell by my face I was nervous as hell. I asked myself thousands of times - "Do you really want to do this ?".

But something in me kept telling me "It's now or never". And I was like - "Okay! Let's do this".

And I had the most amazing time of my life. We had a lot of fun and some mini heart attacks in between. But it was all worth it.

enjoying waterfall

It was an amazing experience for me. I hope there will be more to come.

You can watch the whole journey on my YouTube channel. I'll leave the link below.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to relive those moments while writing it for you guys.


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  1. I would love to go here! I have never done a tour like this in India before. I do have to say that Rajasthan has been my favorite state so far.

  2. I totally agree that at Rishikesh, one can truly experience calmness and excitement.Starting from the scenic vies at river Ganga to the temple and again, those eats! All are too lovely!

  3. I never really thought about going to Rishikesh before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  4. I bet it was an experience for a lifetime. I used to live in Dubai and had a couple of indian friends and colleagues and they all talked about this place at one point…now I understand why!

  5. It sounds like you and your friend had an amazing adventure! It all looks so wonderful from the food to all the beautiful sites to see in Rishikesh. Great video as well!?

  6. Lovely vacation! I have never been to your country at all, though it’s in my bucket list. Will definitely include these places when I bring my family to India.

  7. This sounds like a good trip. For me the adventure would already begin on the swinging bridge, though – I’m quite afraid of heights.
    What’s this statue of the man ripping his guts open? Terrifying….

    1. That’s a Hindu God named Hanuman . In our Hindu holy book Ramayana mentioned a little story which goes like this – After Lord Rama came back from his forest living of 14 years and winning over Lanka Naresh Ravana, he was coronated as Ayodhya naresh – the King of Ayodhya. In the celebration, precious ornaments and gifts were distributed to everyone. Hanuman was also gifted a beautiful necklace of diamonds by Sita – the wife of Rama.

      Hanuman took the necklace, carefully examined each and every diamond, pulled them apart, and threw them away. Most were surprised by his behavior.

      When asked as to why he was throwing away the precious diamonds, he replied that he couldn’t find Rama in any one of them. Thus, they carried no worth to him since anything in which there is no Rama is without worth.

      When asked if Lord Rama was in Hanuman himself, he tore his chest apart to reveal his heart. The on-lookers, now convinced of his genuine devotion, saw the image of both Rama and Sita appearing on his heart.
      So that’s the story behind that statue .

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