10 Things Nobody Told You About Men’s Fashion

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Today I'm going to tell you 10 things about men's fashion that you probably don't know yet. Fashion is something which anyone can easily copy or adapt. But style is unique to you. Style is personal. Something that will only associate to you. I'm going list down few tips which might help you to up your fashion game a bit and stay unique in the crowd.

So let's start !

1.The Perfect Fit

Have you ever thought about fit of your clothes? I know you are saying -Yes! Of course. But I'm not talking about the general fitting that you tell your tailor to do so that your outfit won't look baggy. I'm taking about fit on the right part of your body. I'm sure you don't know what I'm taking about. You see the picture below ?

Men's Fashion

Why you think he's looking dashing in that suit? Exactly! Because of the fit. You can do that too. How you ask. Let me demonstrate you with a picture.

Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion

Now I think you probably got an idea of what fit to the right place of your body means. Try it out next time you go to your tailor don't just tell him fit your shirt. Tell him the exact part where you want it to be fitted.

2. Shoes (Essential)

Shoes are the essential part of men's fashion. You might have heard of this saying -"that a good shoe tells a lot about a person". Yes, people do look at your shoes and judge you and my tip would be to keep your shoes clean.

Yeah I can't stress enough on that. I don't know why you guys don't clean your shoes. If you don't know how to do that there are plenty of tutorials on google on how to do that. Clean it no matter the price.

Also if you are looking for handcrafted shoes for a gentlemen with passion check out Ruosh.com

Men's Fashion

3. One Color From Head To Toe

Ever heard of all black outfit ? Probably you have and if you haven't then you must have now. Matching your coat and pant or belt and shoes you must have done that many times I believe. But matching the whole outfit in one color you must try it.

If you are on a heavier side, dressing all in one color makes you look taller and slimmer. I knew you didn't knew that.

Men's Fashion
Men's Fashion

4. Chino's

Chino's which are basically trousers. Chino trousers are usually made out of cotton twill fabrics. The first pair of these timeless classics emerged as a variation of khaki trousers during the 19th century.

You can buy different color chino. Why you would ask . Because Chinos can pull of many looks - Formals, Polos, Tees etc. If you are someone who does not like to wear jeans all the time Chinos are the best option for you.

mens fashion
mens fashion

5. Try Athleisure

It makes many heads turn. Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace or at other casual or social occasions.

Guys your workout outfits can also be a trendy style which you can wear at any casual occasion.

Mens fashion
Mens fashion

6. Shop Online

Are you someone who still love to shop from the stores ? Then you are missing a lot of trendy stuff. Online shopping website are providing a huge range of cloths and collection of styles to choose from.

For best men's clothing I would suggest to check out website like Myntra, Ajio, Jabong and Koovs. They have latest designs and trends according to your personal style.

Mens fashion

7. Move To Solids Instead of Graphic Tees

Pair solid-colored white or gray tees with dark denim or khakis. An incredibly classic look that’s hard to do wrong. Solid color tees are easy to pair with any bottoms and jackets you wanna wear .


Mens fashion
Mens fashion

8. Never Go Shopping Alone

I know when men's go shopping alone they probably buy stuff what the sales person suggest them to buy. I know many heads are going right to left in denial . But that's what the reality is you know it.

Most of the time its tough to trust the sales people as they are commissioned for selling the stuff. Instead shop with a friend who can give a honest opinion.

Mens fashion

9. Embrace Layering

Use every single outfit in your closet and start creating layered looks out of it. I love the layered looks on guys specially the Shirt over a T-shirt look is my favorite . You can also try sweater on shirt in winter.

If you are an Indian men you can try nehru coat over a kurta. Or you can also try layering a  printed jackets over plain shirt.

Mens fashion

10. Experiment with your Style

I know many of my guy friends hate to experiment with their style. They are like -" That's not my style ". But I forcefully make them wear something which they never thought they would ever try and  they start to like it. Until you try new thing how would you know whether its your style or not.

Experiment with colors, patterns, accessories and fabrics. You might find some new favorites.


Hope you liked what I told you and I'm sure would have never heard most of the things that I told you about men's fashion.

Do write your views and which tips are you gonna follow in the comments below. I would love to read them 🙂 Until then

Keep it stylish 🙂


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  1. I love this blog post, my boyfriend is updating his wardrobe, well because I said so. I always find that he buys ill fitting shirts, so will pass this on to him.

  2. What an extensive guide! My husband and I are not really into fashion. We are kinda low maintenance. And well, with our weather, we just like shorts and shirts most of the time. hehe

  3. There is definitely so much to consider when you decide to become a male fashion blogger. These are great pointers for men who are interedint to dive into fashion blogging.

  4. This is why I’m a sucker for men’s items! It is so obvious to find me in the men’s section whenever I’m shopping for clothes since they just have quality pieces. Anyway, I totally agree that the shoes are a very important statement in the men’s outfit since a perfect pair will instantly elevate the look to 100%
    Well, about men’s fashion, I totally recommend athleisure as well and also donning one-color looks! Looks just perfect!

  5. Thanks for the tip. I always go for comfort rather than style, specially we are living in a tropical climate where our season revolves around wet and dry.

    I will keep in mind your #1 tip ?

  6. Great tips here on improving the male perspective on shopping for mens clothing. One of the most important points you made was that of properly fitted clothing. Its essential to know how to measure and see if your clothing fits the right way on your body.

  7. Men fashion is harder than female because we, ladies, don’t have any limits but our imardination. men on the other hand a normally pushed to follow the rules. However your tips are very hand to try for men who only started making their steps in fashion

  8. I like all of the outfits provided. My husband is really into fashion. He dresses handsomely. I try to keep up his lead, but I not as motivated about it as he is.

  9. This are great things to know about mens fashion. I do love layering but honestly think many men are not bold enough to do that! Great post!

  10. I really have to admit I loved the pictures of right fits in male fashion. My problem is when I have dealt with the ones that were too tight I sometimes overreact and want to get ones that are too loose. And that doesn’t necessarily look good either.

  11. Great blog post here, and I especially agree about how essential the shoes are. It’s really the shoes that bring everything together and give it that extra special touch!

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