5 Things About Vishu Celebration You Have To Experience It Yourself

Vishu celebration is one of the main celebration for we malayalis. On every 14th April every year we celebrate this festival. Not much Indians know about this festival is it is celebrated in Kerala and some parts of Karnataka. When Sri Lanka has their New Year, Punjab has their Baisakhi, Assam has their bihu and other Indian celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti, we malayalis have our Vishu celebration.

There are lot of things about Vishu which you need to experience to know the beauty of this festival. Do you wanna know what are they ?

But before that lets know what is Vishu all about.


What Vishu Celebration Means ?

When you mix Sri Lanka's new year and Punjab's baisakhi it becomes Vishu. That's how I see it - a combination of different festival. Vishu signifies prosperity and is festival of harvest.The importance of this festival is to have a right start. A good harvest brings in joy to the common people means their barns will be full and that means they are going to have a prosperous year ahead.

We pray Lord Krishna on this day because Lord Shri Krishna killed the demon Narakasura on this day. Hence Vishu is also celebration of victory for us.

vishu celebration

Things You Need To Experience About Vishu

1. Vishu Kani

Vishu Kani is basically the first sight you see in the morning on this day so that your whole day begins with happiness and your whole year fills with joy and prosperity. This is my favorite ritual and most unique thing about  this festival. Vishu kani basically include some offerings to Lord Krishna which is decorated with yellow flowers, fruits and other items.

Basically the eldest female member of the family (grandmother or mother) arranges the Vishu Kani the day before and will sleep in the puja room after she is finished and then, waking up during the auspicious hour of brahma muhurata (around 4-6 am) she will light the oil lamp and take in the auspicious sight of Lord Krishna.

Then she walk to the room where the rest of the family is sleeping and wake them up. Covering their eyes, she will then lead them too the puja room, where she will allow them to take in the auspicious sight. This how the day begins on Vishu.

vishu celebration

After this you can sleep for some more time if you want too. Because it is too early to wake up if you are not a morning person like me.

2. Vishu Kodi

This is again my favorite part. Vishu Kodi means a new dress. Now you know why its my favorite part . As its a new beginning why to begin with old clothes. So everyone in family is gifted a new dress to wear on this auspicious day. Women basically wear set mundu which is a traditional Kerala saree (picture below).

vishu Celebration
Traditional Kerala Saree

3. Sadya

The important aspect of every malayali festival is Sadya basically typical Kerala style meal. The feast known as Sadhya is consumed by all family members sitting together and a get together happens between family members. Sadhya is served on banana leaf which has some ayurvedic medicinal preparations. By serving hot food on a banana leaf, one could get a lot of those good stuff all through the leaf.

vishu celebration

4. Vishu Kaineettam

This is one more part of festival which my favorite. The elder family members of family give money to the younger ones which is called Vishu Kaineetam  as it is considered bring luck and prosperity. This is the time when all your elder family members and relatives become really useful. The more the member the more the money. This the time when the kids in the family can increase their pocket money instantly. If you are the youngest family member you are the luckiest  😀


vishu celebration

5. Fire Crackers

In Kerala on the occasion of Vishu we light fire crackers more than the occasion of diwali. The whole family together and enjoy it and hence the bonding becomes stronger.

vishu celebration

I think now you all know about Vishu like any other malayali. And hope you all find an opportunity to go to Kerala to celebrate Vishu and experience the vibe of it.

Wishing A Very Happy Vishu To All Of You !!

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  1. How interesting, Though I’m an Indian still I didn’t knew about Vishu Festival. The saree, lighting the lamp early morning, food festivities and crackers, all sound great family fun.

  2. Wow, such a nice traditions and I know everybody are having so much fun in that festival and I do love the traditional dress it is really beautiful.

  3. Great festive! What a perfect time for family to get together and for one-selves as well to gather and celebrate with loves ones. I enjoy reading your post.

  4. Vishu seems like a very awesome festival for you experiencing it; especially that it is the festival of harvest. That really is worth a celebration now that such symbolize blessings! I love how well ordered the day is starting from Vishu Kani. Traditions can be so fun no doubt!

  5. Such s fun holiday. I love that the youngest gets the most money. Never heard about this holiday until recently. Very interesting how others celebrate special days.

  6. If there are two things I like about the Vishu holiday, it’s getting a new dress and some money! haha What a fun celebration for the family.

  7. Wow the Vishu celebration sounds absolutely incredible. I love how it signals a good start. Thank you for sharing the experience of this beautiful celebration.

  8. Interesting festival huh. We typically don’t celebrate such but it sure is something I’d love to experience myself. Though we have traditions here in the Philippines, I still find other countries’ traditions really interesting. I love this Vishu tradition particularly the part where elders get to give the young family members money. ?

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