How to Earn Shein Points?


We girls love discounts while shopping online, right?
So, what if you get more than 100$ discount for shopping your favorite clothes.
For those who don't know what Shein is - its an online shopping website that has trendy, good quality and pocket-friendly women apparels.
Yeah, you heard it right! Trendy, affordable and good quality what else do we need right?
Well, the answer is simple - EXTRA discount. So your question would be how can I get that? But before we get into that let some people who are not that informative about the points, let's tell them about it.



What Are Points?
For those who don't know what shein points are I got you covered, girl 😉
Basically, Shein provides you a special discount in the form of points.

100 points = 1$




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So now let's get directly to the point  - How to Earn Shein Points.
Well, there are different ways you can earn points on Shein App. Those are as follows:-

1. Daily Check-in

One of the easiest and simplest way to earn shein points are daily check-in. All you need to do is go the Shein app and below your profile name click on the shein points. You will be directed to the shein points page. On the top of which you will see a drop-down menu of Check-in click on it. Now you will see the check-in button just click on it and you will receive some points.
You have to daily open the app and repeat these step-like daily medication 😀 to keep earning points.

2. Purchasing Products

So the next way you can earn is by shopping products from them. Every product is assigned with some points. So, you can easily earn while you shop.
The point to be noticed here is that you won't be getting any points for the purchase if you used your existing points during checkout.

3. Reviewing Products

Yeah, you can earn points by reviewing the products you bought from them. You just need to add the picture of the product you bought not compulsory but its better for others to get a better idea of the quality of the product and details about the quality and your experience with the purchase.

4. Attending The Live-Stream

Shein organizes Live - stream every week in which they giveaway points through treasure boxes. These treasure boxes pop-ups on your screen suddenly during live-stream for about 3-4 seconds so, you need to be really fast to grab it. First 100 people who clicked on it will get the points. And you can share the live-stream on Facebook or any social media platform and whoever joins through your shared link gets you 10 points in your account.

5. Winning the Shein Outfit Event (Also win maximum points)

Shein has this outfit event going on every week in which you create a theme based outfit and you get likes on your outfit by other participants.

The outfit with maximum likes is positioned with Rank 1st which gives you
Rank 2nd
Rank 3rd
1000 points
Rank 4th To Rank 12th
You can post the comment on everyone's outfit and ask for likes.

6. Editors choice

While participating in Shein outfit event if your outfit gets a star on it that means you are chosen by the editor. All the outfits chosen by the editor will have the opportunity to see their outfit worn by one of their models and they can get 1000points.
The point to be noticed here is that you may be chosen by an editor but among all the chosen outfits of participants by the editor they will choose three who will get 1000points and their outfits are worn by models.

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  1. Shein sounds like such a great shopping website where you can get fashionable yet affordable apparel. I love that you can earn points for shopping and you can submit reviews to build up your points as well.

  2. What a great idea to be rewarded for shopping , you are right it’s every girls dream. SHEIN I have been their adverts for clothing and it all looks great.

  3. Wow $10 is quite a lot. Honestly, I would love to go clothes shopping now. But since I am still trying to lose weight, maybe I should wait until I have reached my goal.

  4. I keep meaning to check out Shein it looks like an ideal place to shop and the prices are good. The points reward system looks so great too.

  5. We absolutely love ♡ love their stuff! We are so using all your tips! Happy shopping to us!

  6. On the Shein app it says a way of making points is to participate in show contests how do I do this please help?

    1. You can do that by posting an outfit curated by you and try to get as many likes on that pic before the contest time limit ends to win 🙂 or you can get free points by watching shein live video every Thursday on the app itself.

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