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Kerala -God's own country is truly a majestic place to be at. Being Kerala as my home state I often get a chance to visit it once a year as my family lives in Rajasthan. I love Kerala not because it's my home state but because of its lush green nature and beautiful water bodies surrounding every part of it and it's friendliest people on earth.

Everyone when talked about visiting Kerala, they say the names of places like Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey etc. But I wanted to see local Kerala, not the fancy one where all the tourist keeps buzzing in and make it crowdy.

So I head to a small town called Chavara in Kollam district. This place is famous- but around locals. It's not a tourist attraction so you can rarely find any foreigner roaming around.

This town is famous for the temple situated here which the as Kattil Mekkathil Devi Temple aka Bell temple.

The temple indeed is the main attraction here but what I loved about this place was it being surrounded by water. I'm a water child. I dig every destination that has beaches and backwater or river or waterfall or just a pond. I love being near water (as you know by now after me blabbering about water bodies).

When I heard about this temple and this place I was not much interested until someone told me it was located between the Arabian Sea and TS Canal.

And all I could hear from that whole sentence was" WATER" (with a heart eye emoji ).

So, there I went to explore this place it was a 2-hour ride from the place I was staying at.

So the first thing I saw when I reached there was ... Okay! You know the answer.

Yes, you know.. say it ... just say it!

Yes, you're right WATERThere was this backwater of Kollam -Kottapuram waterway and around 4-5 ferries and the boat taking people from one side to other.

ferry ride
People waiting for the ferry
Boat rides

I found out that the only way to reach the temple was to cross the river and the only way to cross the river was by a ferry ride. The ferry ride was free of cost even though there was one ferryman who took 10 Rs per person which was a medium-sized boat which can include 10 -15 people other two were a small one that can include 7 people and the next was the big one which can include 100-200 people at once.

It wasn't needed though to go on a paid ride but I didn't want to go on a crowded ferry so I chose the medium one which you can see in the picture above.

The water was crystal clear you could see a lot of jellyfish inside it floating around. I wish the ride was a bit longer but it was just 2 min. But worth it!

After reaching the other side its walking distance to the temple area. There are small shops where you can buy some toys for kids and other small items. Then after walking for 5 minutes, you start hearing the bells rings then you know you reach the temple premises. From the entrance, you could see the seaside at the back of the temple.

The view is gorgeous. With the calmness of the sea and spiritual calmness of the temple area combines with a serene experience altogether.

Inside the temple area, you will see a huge banyan tree full with bells tied on its hanging roots. This is the main essence of this temple.

Bell tied on tree
Bells tied on Banyan tree at Kattil Mekkathil temple

It is said that those who want their wish to be fulfilled has to tie the sacred bells given to them from the temple to the tree. They have to go round the tree seven times before they tie the bell onto it. In the seventh round, they make a wish, and it will be fulfilled.

The tree is covered with such bells tied by the devotees. The banyan tree’s weakest branches could not bear the weight of the brass bells and had even come down. The bells are blessed by the temple priest and given to the devotees for Rs 30 per piece.

They even provide food for the devotees who come there as prasad. After tying the bell on the tree I went to the Arabian sea at the back of the temple. There are these huge rocks piled up to separate the ground and the sea.

The view was indeed really beautiful fisherman fishing and dolphins taking dip best it!.

Sea view
View from the backside of temple

I could see the beachside from there. It was empty only a few people there. So I thought to go there and enjoy the waves touching my feet.

Beach View
Beach near temple
Feet touching waves

I spent some time there soaking my feet in the water and watching the sea and thinking about how beautiful, clean and untouched this place is. I think that's the reason it's still remaining this way otherwise we humans would have ruined it too as we have other beaches.

After the scenic beach view, I went back to the exit where I had to take another ferry ride to cross. This time I thought I'll go to the small one which includes 7 people. As the ferry was old style with no motors the ferrymen had to push it using a huge stick it was going slow I had more time to enjoy the ride.

ferry ride

I'll end this post here with this beautiful picture I took while the ferry ride of the beautiful water and the trees around this river. Epic scene!

scene from ride

Tell me if you would like to visit this place the next time you are in Kerala or not?

I  Love reading your comments 🙂 Send some love 🙂

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  1. I haven’t visited or heard of this place! This is why I love reading blogs so much because I always learn something new. This place is gorgeous and I would love to see it for myself one day. The wooden boats are so cute!

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