Is It Safe To Travel To Kerala Now? -Kerala Flood Recovery Situation

As everyone knows Kerala had some severe flood situation in the month of mid-July-august and around 350 people lost there lives in that flood. And lacs of people lost their homes. All this situation was so unexpected and rapid it took a while for government to take this situation under control. Kerala faced a major economic crisis due to the flood. A major part of the economy is by the tourism in Kerala. Now due to the flood, all the people who want to visit Kerala is asking questions like - Is it safe to travel  Kerala now after Kerala Flood? Is the situation under control? Is the airport working?

So to answer all these questions I thought to create a blog post in which I'll try to cover answers to all these questions. Hopefully, all the doubts will be cleared by this post. Let's begin!


Kerala Flood
During the flood in Kerala

How safe is it to travel to Kerala now?

Beach area- after Kerala Flood

As you all know, Kerala was completely down for the last month due to flood and landslides, but at present everything is slowly getting back to normal. Tourists started visiting from the first week of September itself. Peak Season in Kerala from September to March is the best season to visit Kerala for holidays. Kerala is completely safe to travel now. The houses are rebuilt and the roads too.

The most affected areas were Wayanad, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, and Thrissur. Currently, there are many positive signs for the tourism front in Kerala. The opening of the Cochin International Airport is a heartening factor. The wellness tourism and beach tourism destinations will bounce back soon.

Wayanad, the most happening destination of Malabar area in north Kerala is stumbling back to normalcy. “The Ghat roads have been repaired but there is a temporary ban on tourists visiting Chembara peak, Kanthapara Waterfalls and, Kuruvadweep. Access to Wayanad, the gateway to Malabar is currently open. All spots in Wayanad is open except for treks.

Munnar, which had to bear the brunt of landslides following the catastrophic floods, was isolated for a week. Currently, the members of Munnar Hoteliers and Restaurants Association, Munnar Destination Makers, Showcase Munnar Association for Responsible Tourism, Homestays Association and the Adventure Tour Operators Association have all joined hands for relief and rehabilitation work in Munnar.

They are optimistic that once the damaged roads are repaired, hordes of tourists will make a beeline for Munnar to witness the spectacular blooming of Neelakurinji which will generate revenue for the industry.


Is the airport & stations working?

Airports, roads, and railway lines have been restored and services are fully operational, said officials of the state government. The Cochin airport and the Trivandrum airport are open and working.

Is it the right time to visit Kerala?

Yes, it's the best time to visit because of lesser tourists and local visitors and nice climate too, and fewer tariffs.

Banasura Dam after Kerala Flood
Banasura Dam at Padinjarathara after flood (Picture taken during September 2018)

What about the spreading of Virus situation?

Kerala is facing a number of post-flood bouts including the disease leptospirosis. Leptospirosis, popularly known as rat fever is a communicable disease which is caused by direct contact with body fluids (usually urine) of an infected animal, usually rats. Yet 50 people  have been examined with this disease yet. But it is mostly the ones who were exposed to the flood waters.  Doxycycline tablets were distributed everywhere as a precaution and no sign of any spread anywhere now. The incubation period is 7 days and its over now.

Where can I get the Latest update of the situation in Kerala?

You can find the latest updates on Kerala Tourism Facebook page every day there are doing live from famous tourist destinations you can see and decide for yourself whether you should visit or not. Also, you can ask for any details in Sanchari group or Backpacker & Travelers India Facebook groups for the latest updates.

If you still have any doubts please ask them in the comment section below. I will answer them as soon as possible 🙂

Happy Journey!

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