Ribbon Embroidery – My New Hobby

Recently I was searching for something new and unique thing to do and I was searching pinterest for idea. And I came across this picture of beautiful baby pink saree with rose ribbon embroidery on the border of it. It was love at first sight.

Ribbon Embroidery is old romantic art, which includes silk ribbons and some pearls to decorate with.

East and Grace Pinterest
Credits -East and Grace Pinterest

All I could think of that time was I want to learn how to make this type of embroidery. As I searched more I came to know that this type of embroidery is no ordinary one but with use of ribbons.

So I began my search from there. I opened YouTube and searched for tutorials on how to do ribbon embroidery. Thanks to technology these days you can learn anything to everything by just sitting at home.

As I had prior knowledge and experience of stitching and embroidery that I learned by myself . It wasn't hard for me to learn ribbon embroidery.

The other day I went for silk-ribbon shopping and bought many colorful ribbons and ribbon embroidery requires needle which has a bigger hole then the usual thread  stitching needle. Then I started stitching.

This is how it turned out - My First Ribbon Embroidery.

Ribbon Embroidery
Ribbon Embroidery
Ribbon Embroidery

Of course not anywhere near to the level of embroidery done on that saree  but I thought to start with small designs and then grow it gradually. But for beginner level I think its pretty great.

What do you think ?

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  1. Like yourself, I absolutely love the embroidery on that saree. It looks so beautiful. Unfortunately I was never really blessed with artistic talent and I would be sure to mess it up. However for your first attempt, I think you have done a great job. You should continue to learn more, especially if you enjoy it and get satisfaction from making lovely things.

  2. I think your work is gorgeous. I am slowly still learning to sew so this skill is further then where I am right now. I think your well on your way to making beautiful embroidery on a saree.

  3. This bring back memories! My grandmother taught me how to embroyder when I was a little girl and I can remember spending long afternoons making the coolest things. She always kept the tea flowing and if I was lucky, she’d have a fresh out of the oven snack cake too. So cool that we now YouTube videos to remind us for when our grandmothers are no longer with us. x

  4. That sari is so pretty and the embroidery looks beautiful. I have loved ribbon embroidery since my mum bought her first length of fabric when i was a child. On a trip to Venice I visited an atelier that specialized in ribbon lace and embroidery and the amount of details was mind boggling.

  5. That’s so great for a first attempt! I’m always so in awe of people who are good at this kind of thing … I had to take Clothing & Textiles at high school and sucked at this kind of thing, though I’d have liked to been better!

  6. These are very beautiful. I would never have the patience that you do. This craft takes skill and imagination.

  7. My friend does this too and said she finds it very therapeutic. I don’t think I have the patience but the finished products are so nice. Hope you keep enjoying your new hobby

  8. I am happy you found a really nice hobby. Embroidery is so relaxing and I would assume that looking at the finished product makes you so proud of yourself. Honestly, this is the first time I read about ribbon embroidery. I think it is super cool! I wish I could have some spare time to try this out too!

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