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what to wear in India

India is a country of mixed culture in every way even in clothing - western culture is also appreciated here by people. It's changing over time. But still in many parts of India western clothing is not much adored by people. So here the question arises in most of the people who travel to India that - "What to wear in India?"

Especially small or religious towns, feel that showing skin is provocative. And when you travel to India it's important you must be aware of the local dress code and what to wear in India. So, I'm going to show you the ultimate clothing which you can fearlessly wear in any part of India without thinking twice.



Kurtas are a staple for any occasion in India. Both man and women wear it just the pattern would be different for both. For women, there is a variety of Kurta's available long, short, full sleeve, sleeveless, etc. You can easily get them in any cloth market or shop for ladies at any city in India. It's that easy to find.

In the picture below I'm wearing a long kurta which is really comfortable and fully covers your body. It looks like a long dress. If you have cuts in the middle or side of Kurta like mine, you have to wear either a legging or jeans underneath.

what to wear in India

Some Similar kurta's handpicked by me on Amazon

what to wear in India

Plain Solid Color  Kurta

These kurtas are pretty versatile. You can pair them with pretty much any bottoms you like. The easiest option to save time would be jeans or any loose bottoms if you are not a jeans person. I've paired my solid green kurta with jeans and for the accessory, you can choose a beautiful big earing and you are good to go to explore India. These kurtas are made of cotton so you don't have to worry about being sweaty in summer as it gets too hot here in India in summer. It will keep you cool.

what to wear in India
Solid color Kurta

Some Similar kurta's handpicked by me on Amazon

what to wear in India

Short Kurti's

Short Kurti's are more like a top but of course, they have an Indian touch to it. Short kurta is paired with jeans and palazzo's which is a new trend these days in India. It's very comfortable to wear while traveling. And you can find a different pattern and color too.

I'm wearing this bell sleeve kurta that I bought from Big Bazaar which is basically a shopping mart. They have their online site too.

what to wear in India
Short Kurti

Some Similar kurta's handpicked by me on Amazon

what to wear in India

Sleeveless Short Kurti

If its too much hot weather and you can't bear to wear full sleeve you can wear this sleeveless Kurti. Of course, you cant show your bare hands like that not because people will stare at you but because of the harmful UV Rays from the sun can give you sunburn. So carry a stole or scarf to protect your face and hands from the harmful UV Rays. I'm wearing this green kurta again from  Big Bazaar their indo-western clothing range is really good you must check out and steal is from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi.

what to wear in India
Short Sleeveless Kurti

Some Similar Kurta's handpicked by me on Amazon

what to wear in India

So these were the clothing that you can wear in any part of India while traveling. Of course, there are many more varieties of kurta styles available. You can choose any. In India, attire for women (if you really want to look like a local) also includes long skirts that go down to the ankle instead of pants. While T-shirts are acceptable, always err on the side of modesty. Pack plenty of long-sleeved shirts; not only will you be showing respect, but you’ll also be protecting yourself from the sun and those pesky mosquitoes.

And you can wear western clothing like shorts, skirts and body-con dresses in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or in Goa without any hesitation.  But always keep in mind not to wear sheer material or clothing which shows too much skin.

Hope you enjoyed the article!

Which Kurta was your favorite?

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    1. Thanks Iya ! yeah the wedding outfits in India are super blingy in similar style . Its like party outfit .

  1. What adorable outfits! Thanks for letting me know what styles would work travelling in india 🙂 I hope to be able to travel there some day!

  2. Those dresses are all beautiful but my favorite dress is the Kurta’s where I am feel comfortable wearing it.

  3. I personally appreciate Indians for still keeping their culture thus I’d definitely love wearing like this too. Kurtas are just beautiful, especially the long one. I’d wear one like a shirt dress though over here…ha-ha!

    1. You can totally pull off this look kurta’s are very versatile 🙂 Just give it a try I’m sure you’re gonna look gorgeous 🙂

  4. That’s a great post. I can imagine how beneficial this will be for many folks who have never been to India. I’m always amazed that people don’t give much thought to their dressing when they travel to certain parts of the world. I love the outfits you have here. I adore Anarkali suits for family weddings.

  5. Wow, Kurtas are so stylish and they look very comfortable. I also like that they are so affordable on Amazon!

  6. I like the fact that India still observes its being conservative when it comes to clothing. And those sample clothes that you sited are actually nice and wearable by many.

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