Things I Do To Relax

The life tend to get hectic day by day if you don't give yourself a little break from all the chaos to relax and not to think about anything else but YOU!

It's nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes and think about yourself .  And there is nothing wrong with being self obsessed  and loving yourself more then anything

I would like to share some ways. how I pamper myself and give myself some me time to relax and chill.


Basically you can draw . I draw random patterns on a plain white sheet ,or my  notebook or any random note pad. 

But if you do it a certain way you can really enjoy and feel happy inside while doing it.

So for that you have to just light up some scented candles and put your favorite music and sit down or lay down whichever way is comfortable for you and start drawing. And enjoy.

Picture Taken From Google
Picture Taken From Google


So this is something I do to relax my self from any kinda stress and sometimes when i don't even feel stressed I do it .
There's all type of dances but this is no typical steps and hard core choreography kinda dance . You just keep to put your favorite track in full volume (I would suggest you to do it when no one is at home and so you can dance like no ones watching) and relax yourself . Close your eyes just listen to the beats and start moving . No need to worry this ain't Dance India Dance or Think you Can dance show . So chill and move your body the way you feel like and enjoy.

Picture taken Google
Picture taken Google

Visit a place nearby which you haven't seen yet

Me and my best friend every Sunday plan to visit near by place to explore something new in the city .We haven't realized until then how big is the city actually.People these days go to foreign countries and other states to see places , they miss the beauty of the place where they actually stayed over several years by now . Go to places in the city you stay . There must be something you haven't seen yet . May be a beach, or a park , or a museum anything. Just go and see.

View of gulab sagar from  OTA Restaurant (Jodhpur,Rajasthan)
View of gulab sagar from OTA Restaurant (Jodhpur,Rajasthan)


The most important thing that most of the people including me are not getting these days is sleep . People are so busy with their work and phones and traveling and doing other stuff they just forget they have to have at least 6 hour sleep a day .Sometimes I just force myself to sleep . Coz I know I need it and it's not good for health too.  So I just grab a pillow and a blanket and put my cellphone on silence (very important) and sleep.

Picture taken from Google
Picture taken from Google

Spend A Day With Your Best-friend

This is something I do often to relax .  I don't really get time to meet people and mostly I don't do that because (problem's of being an introvert ). But the only person I love to spend time  whenever I'm free is my best friend . I can be the real me in front of her ,she knows all about me. We just talk for hours and hours without even realizing the time . She is also working so usually we are busy in our own world but when ever we meet it's always a day well spent.

Me and my Bestie
Me and my Bestie

Take a day off . Relax and chill.Spend some time with yourself or with loved ones. 🙂

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  1. I wish my doodling looked half as good as yours. I like this list, and I love the sleep part!! I also love to Dance, salsa especially!

  2. Your doodling is great! Making drawings always gets me relaxed too – same goes for making music or reading a book. I love the visiting a new place thing! Although that will not get me relaxed, only excited!

  3. These are some great relaxation tips. I really like the visit a place nearby you haven’t seen before. There’s always some spot close by you could check out.

  4. I love the idea of dancing to relax. I love putting on upbeat music while I cook or clean and dance to it. It may not be very relaxing, but it makes doing my chores more fun ?

  5. Great ideas! We all need a little relaxation sometimes. When I need to relax, I like to spend time with nature (mountains, woods, beaches). Works every time!

  6. what a nice routine, am pretty sure it works for me most especially spend time with my friend i think would really make me feel relaxed.

  7. I’m sure , except dancing, I love all these things to unwind myself. The best I love is travel and explore new places and adore the beautiful nature.

  8. Hi Kartika,

    I like the things you are doing to relax. My ways are a little bit different. I watch movies and listen music to relax. And of course, sleeping and traveling are other favorite methods of mine.

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