Top 5 Things That Tells You “How To Live A Never Ending Weekend “

never ending weekend

We all live this robotic life of waking up every day and spending the whole day working and dreaming about weekends and going to bed at night. Why live such a way when you can turn your regular workdays into a never-ending weekend. How, do you ask? I'm gonna tell exactly how you can do that.

But before that - Let's discuss the idea of the weekend. For me, it's -relaxation, entertainment, happiness & food. If you have a similar thought about weekends then probably you'll enjoy this idea a lot.

The whole idea is to create a weekend mindset when I was introduced to the idea of  "Never Ending Weekend" by True&Co. I just couldn't agree more to them.

Let's just begin then?


1. Try New Restaurant

If you love food (who doesn't right?) you can go for a hunt for new dishes at your nearby restaurant or coffee shop and try new cuisine that you always wanted to have or have a sip of coffee and if it's summertime have a chilled cold coffee  and relax your mind from all the work stress of that day.

never ending weekend

2. Go To Scenic Area

If you live in an area with epic views (let me know I would plan my next trip to your place :D) you probably are very lucky. Just explore your place find hidden gems in your city. If you live by the beach go and sit on the beach for a while watching the waves go up and down its therapeutic. And if you are someone who lives in the mountain area (Ah! Beautiful mountains covered in ice) then go and watch the scenic beauty of those majestic mountains.

never ending weekend

3. Read A Book And Relax

Go to a local bookstore, find a book and read it there. (And make goo-goo eyes at all smart men's/women).

You can also choose to read it at home. Change into your comfy clothes which is absolutely necessary. Until I'm in my comfy clothes I don't feel relaxed at all. Being comfortable also means choosing to wear something that feels very comfy and soft. At True and Co they totally understand women's and that's why they have created a bra especially for weekends how apt is that, it’s comfortable and luxurious using premium fabric, high-quality mesh, and rose gold details — it’s a bra you look forward to wearing all week long.

So, now as you have sorted the comfort part to make it more relaxed you can light a scented candle, make a cup of coffee and sit on your couch and read the book while sipping your coffee and relaxing.

never ending weekend

4. Call For A Friend

Call for a friend who's been down in the dumps and ask him/her what he/she want to do and spend some time with your bestie doing the things you both like to do. Play some games, go for a ride or just spend some talking about the stupidest things you have done together. Having a company is good sometimes. 

never ending weekend

5. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music has that capacity of taking us back in time. If you really want to relive a memory play the songs that you listen to that time. It will take you back the exact time when it happened. Listening to the song not only relax your mind but also create that feeling of joy and happiness that even though its a weekday, you will feel like its weekend.

never ending weekend

These are my ideas for developing a mindset of a never-ending weekend. Hope you like it!

Also, comment down below your thoughts I would love to know how you would convert your weekdays into weekends.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of the amazing tips! I love the idea of a Never Ending Weekend! Sounds amazing….. and I am going to try a new restaurant tonight!

  2. Weekends are meant to be lived to the fullest whenever we can because that’s our chance to just spend time enjoying without having to worry about work. I think these are all wonderful ideas on how to spend it!

    1. Carol this isn’t about doing those things just on weekends but about creating a mindset of a never-ending weekend on weekdays to have chill day after work.

  3. Reading books and listening to music is my most favourite.. Yes I always try my best to visit new restaurants. Calling a friend was a good option once now no more. Scenic place visiting well have to try because I only love sea.

  4. You gave some great suggestions in this post. I love the idea of a neverending weekend. I love to relax and read to prolong my weekend!

  5. Ah yes there are so many good things you can squeeze into a weekend. Sometimes I think just havign a relaxed weekend and a chill out can also be great!

  6. You had our complete attention the moment we read never ending weekend! This sounds really interesting

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