Visit To Rao Jodha Dessert Rock Park

Having the urge to be close to nature I visited Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park this week. When you live closer to the city you forget how it feels to be closer to nature. We seek other destinations to get the feel of natures breeze, plants, animals and water bodies.


At some point of life, the world's beauty becomes enough - Tony Morrison

 If you are visiting Jodhpur, Rajasthan and you want to know or learn or just be closer to nature this is the best place for you.

This park is spread over 72 hectares, you can wander in a landscape of volcanic rock that's been restored and nurtured for native plants from rocky parts of the Thar Desert.


After entering the gates you can see various rock exhibited which are the collection from the Thar Dessert. Some of the rocks have something to do with the sea. They are remnants from a coastline that separate the Madagascar from India 90 million years ago.

Rocks From Thar Dessert
Rocks From Thar Dessert

At the gates you will see the ticket counter where they will provide you the tickets to enter the park and map of the park. You can ask for a guide too, if you want as they will show you things which you might miss when you go alone.

Tickets For Entering
Tickets For Entering
Visitors Paper Guide and Map
Visitors Paper Guide and Map

The paper guide has all the information about the park and the plants and animals found in the park which you will be able to see if you visit the park at right time which is from April to September and from October to March.

From the entrance gate if you are with a guide you won't be facing any problem. But if you are alone you can either follow the map which is little difficult to understand or you can follow the trails and arrows you will see along the way. I would suggest you to follow the arrows  and the walking trails as its easy way to see the main points of the park.

Map Of Rao Jodha Park
Map Of Rao Jodha Park

There are Four different trails which you can follow. All are provided a unique color to differentiate each part of the park. Like Yellow Trail- Gully Trail, Green -City Walk Trail, Red- Starting From Gate2 and the Sandy Plot, Blue- Devkund Trail.

You can choose any color trail you want to follow. This really feels like you are going for a treasure hunt as you follow the arrows and walking trails you find unique dessert plants and reptiles.

I would suggest to follow the yellow and blue trails as it covers the most part of the park. You can switch your trail any time you want.


On The Gully Trail
On The Gully Trail

Yellow Trail-

This trail drops the visitors down behind the Visitors center into an old stromwater canal. For the first 200m the Gully forms a narrow canyon of rocks, then gradually opens up to reveal the Fort and a beautiful rocky habitat.

View of Meherangarh Fort
View of Meherangarh Fort

While following the walking trails you can visit the the Ranisar Lake which is a beautiful scenic spot  with the beautiful view of fort on the right and the scenic view of lake on left.

Jodhpur Sightseeing
View Of Ranisar Lake

You will see huge landmarks which has the information about a certain plant or reptile which can be found at that area.


You can learn about the plants flowers and reptiles found in dessert by reading the information on these landmarks.

Flowers in the park
Flowers in the park

If you visit the park around February  its the spring season, you can see beautiful flowers in park.

The Walking Trail

After finishing the visit you will end up either at Gate 1 or Gate 2. You will be on the main road from where you can go back to the entrance gate. You can visit the Visitors center  at the entrance.

The gateway was restored and the Centre completed in February of 2011. The Centre houses a nature shop, cafe, interpretation gallery and a unique rocky garden. It is a good place to relax.


Ticket cost : Rs.100 /- for adults

Guided Walk Cost : Rs. 200/- for adults

Morning Walk Cost : Rs. 200/- for adults

Google map :

Booking Morning Walks:  Call +91 9571271000 (a day in advance)


While in Rao Jodha Park ....

Observe these rules:


  • Stay on the paths. It is safer for you and also protects plants from being trodden on.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes for uneven, rocky terrain.
  • Note that hats to keep sun off, insect repellent, drinking water and a good sunscreen are useful all year around.
  • Be as quite as possible. It is your best chance of seeing interesting birds and other animals.
  • Be considerate towards other walking and nature-lovers who you meet in the park.
  • If you feel lost in the park somehow. Follow the yellow trail it will make you reach the entrance.
  • Bring your ID proof with you.


  • Leave any sort of litter behind.
  • Spit or relieve yourself inside the park.
  • Pluck, break,collect or cause any damage to plants.
  • Throw stones inside the park.
  • Feed birds, ants, dogs or any other creature inside the park.
  • Bring any seed or plant anything inside the park.


  • Visit the park with a group  or family .You can't visit the park if you are a unmarried couple alone .
  • You can book early morning walks . These allows you to visit park at the best time of the day.

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  1. ‘When you live closer to the city you forget how it feels to be closer to nature . We seek other destinations to get the feel of natures breeze , plants , animals and water bodies.’ – I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more, especially since I am from the countryside originally and now live in the city. They are like two different worlds and sometimes it is so nice to get out of the city and just have some time away!

  2. That’s crazy that you cannot visit the park as an unmarried couple. I love that photo with the lake. I’m sure I’d take a lot of photos there.

    1. Yes dear . Once I went their to show one my guy friend the park they didn’t allow us to go inside. Told us to come with a group.

  3. I love visiting parks and walking through the nature, it’s a nice break from the city and all the chaos. This park looks very nice, it’s definitely in my bucket list now!

  4. I would surely love to visit that place just for the sake of rockey trails, but that unmarried couple thing is surely unhealthy for mind..nature should be open for all.

  5. This looks like such a fun place to spend a day exploring. We have something similar nearby called Rock City. The kids love it.

    1. No, mark . Its a dessert park mainly for tourist to learn about the habitat of Dessert their plants and reptiles.

  6. what an amazing place, the park landmark is really beautiful and relaxing. wish my tour will bring me here someday.

    1. Yes actually most of tourist attractions are near the fort only . Only umed palace is bit far from fort . You can manage it all in a day trip only and only if you are not spending much time taking pictures which most likely impossible when you see this much beautiful places ? but I think you can manage it in a day time?

  7. This the really amazing place to visit. the historical place cares with nature in 72 hectares is looking beautiful & peaceful at every angle the dessert stones looking magical, yellow & gully trails are looking heaven paths,Ranisar lake view is superb shown in photos & reptile park with information is good to know. Face of all Rao jodha rock park is an incredible place & photo shoot if all places are really admirable.

  8. I am sad that this place is far away from my home. But thank you for sharing it… it was like travelling again. It is always a great idea to have vacations or even a small excuursion close to Nature. To be honest, I have never been in dessert… I am really jealous…

  9. I totally agree with you, I missed being close to nature that I even buy going to the park from time to time. But this place is awesome, I hope to find something like that here.

  10. what fabulous and outstanding place to go to on a tour with such landmark and beautiful display of nature, i cant wait to be in such a place as this, thanks Kartika Nair for the information good job and keep it up.

  11. Jodhpur is an ancient city ..this one was a good break for you and really walked with you while reading your post. Never forget to read Dos and Don’ts – I found them most important when you read travel stories.

  12. Nothing can be better than getting close to the richness of nature. I love visiting places like this, especially as it helps me to meditate more and appreciate the work of God.

  13. Such a beautiful park!I love being outside. Being with nature is one of my favourite past times. I’m always looking for places to add to my bucket list. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park will be one of them. Thanks for sharing your visit and the beautiful pictures.

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