You Should Experience Himachal Atleast Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why.

Have you ever felt the complete awestruck moment when you saw a place you only saw in pictures? Yeah! I had that same feeling when I saw Himachal for the first time. It was completely a new world for me. Living in Rajasthan I have only seen dry plants and sunny days. But this, this was something else. Why you ask. Let me tell you...

Because Mountain's Are Calling

View Of Dhauladhar Mountain

There's this thing about mountains they make you feel strong and powerful. Like something so powerful you have achieved. In the picture, you see above the white snowy mountain peeking through other green ones is Dhalaudhar Mountain. Doesn't that name sound powerful too?

When you are in Dharamshala, Himachal you are constantly blessed with this scenic view of these tall giant beauties. And if you ever wanna experience what mountains feel like - go and climb one.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
Edmund Hillary


Falling In Love With The Veiw

Because You Can't Resist Food


Dharamshala , Himachal
Aloo Paratha at Chai Life, McLeod Ganj

I don't believe in eating at luxury hotels or restaurants to know the real taste of the food. The true taste of the city lies in small food stands like this- Chai Life at Mcleod Ganj. This was a small Tea shop that also serves yummy breakfast delicacies like aloo (potato) paratha, onion paratha, sandwich, tea etc. The parathas were delicious and fulfilling. And the tea was the best I had two cups of it. I just couldn't resist it, after all, I'm a Chai Lover. Shoutout to all the "Chai Lover's" reading this post.


Dharamshala , Himachal
Chai at Chai Life, McLeod Ganj

There are lots of other delicacies too in Himachal which you must try like Thukpa, Momos, Maggi and the all-time favorite pani puri.

McLeod Ganj
Thukpa at Tibet Kitchen ,mc leod ganj

Almost finished Momos at shop near Bhagsu temple ,Mcleod ganj

Pani Puri Stand on the way to tea garden , Dharamshala


Because You Can't Afford Darjeeling Right Now

Tea Garden , Dharamshala

You don't need to go all the way to Darjeeling to visit a Tea Plantation. You can also visit this tea garden in Dharamshala, Himachal. The Kangra Valley in Himachal is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and the spectacular range of Dhauladhar. In the foothills of this region, you will find India’s smallest tea region. The road towards this garden is filled with tall trees covering both the sides of the road. It has almost Ooty- Kodaikanal vibe to it.


Roads in Himachal

The best time to visit is in the morning. Take a morning walk in the garden inhale some oxygen and enjoy the greenery and beautiful view of the mountains and cool breeze. The best place to chill and relax.

Tea garden


Because You are A Bee ( Flower Lover)

Picture Taken from Garden near my Guest house

I think people in Himachal are nature lovers they care a lot about the environment. When you are in Himachal you will notice one thing in every household either they have their own garden or at least a small flower pot hanging in their balconies. It doesn't only make their houses look beautiful but also keep them close to nature which we people living in cities always crave for.

Took while walking on the streets

Because You Are A Water Child (Waterfall & Lakes)

Bhagsu waterfall , Bhagsu , Himachal

Himachal is blessed with water from the glaciers over the mountains. The water is usually super chill but after walking for a while to reach places like these you really need these chill dip to relax your feet. The Bhagsu waterfall was the really cool place to relax and enjoy the sound of water flowing down the hills.

You can enjoy dipping your feet into the chilled water which is pretty clean too. There are many tadpoles and fishes in the water which can easily be seen as the water is crystal clear.


Little Tadpoles In the water

You can also go to Dal Lake which is also a tourist spot. I personally didn't find Dal lake that scenic in compared to other tourist spots of Dharamshala. It was okay kinda place. A huge pond-like structure filled with water and fishes and surrounded by tall trees. You can come here to relax after exploring other places as you don't need to climb hills or anything here. You can just sit and relax and watch the lake for a while and chat with friends and family.


Dal Lake , Dharamshala

Because You Don't Wanna Go Haridwar ( Temples And Churches)


St. John Church , Dharamshala

There are few temple and church in Dharamshala, Himachal. The St. John Church, Bhagsu Temple, and the Dalai Lama temple are the famous ones. The area around these temples are scenic and you are surely gonna enjoy the ride towards these temple except the Dalai Lama one which is in the main market area.

Entrance of Bhagsu temple

Near the bhagsu temple pool area


Bhagsu Temple has quite interesting architecture. The building was made of flat stones arranged one over another without cement in between which is really interesting. There's a pool near the entrance where you can take bath. The water coming from the bhagsu waterfall is filled in this pool.

How to reach Himachal?

To reach Himachal the easiest route would be from Delhi.

Bus To Dharamshala from Delhi: Kashmiri Gate Bus Stand at 6.30 am and at night around 8 pm.


You can opt for a route from Delhi to Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, you can find a bus to Dharamshala all the time.

After Reaching Dharamshala Bus-stand

You can either opt for:-

Taxi to Mc Leod Ganj - Rs .200

By Foot - the Free of cost with a beautiful view of Mountains.

For stay -

Backpackers inn Hostel

Staywell  Guest the House

And the one where I stayed at with beautiful view  - Freedom Palace


For Food -

Chai Life, Mc Leod Ganj

Tibet Kitchen, McLeod Ganj


For Sight Seeing -

Hire Taxi - Rs. 800  will show you six places.

Duration- 3 hours


Rent a Scooter - Starting from Rs.500 for 12 hours.

Rent a Bike - Starting from Rs. 900 for 12 hours.

Rent a Royal Enfield - Rs. 1200 for  12 hours.


Note: I would suggest to rent a bike and explore the places 12 hours are enough to explore all the tourist spots and the rest of the areas in Dharamshala.


Would you like to visit Himachal? If yes, then let me know in the comment section below, why & what attracted you the most.


Happy Traveling!

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  1. Because you are a bee?, beautiful bee (you) and of course the post, I was literally lost in the pics of mountains and roads while reading this post, thanks for sharing. It is a must go place in my list?.

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing trip! This looks beautiful and I am so jealous of the puri puri stand ?Whenever my friend travels he bring them back and I love them so much aha

  3. What a beautiful place! I love the pictures, they really make the place come alive and put an exclamation on your points. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It certainly looks beautiful from your pictures but I do think there is a certain level of awe that can only be obtained by seeing something yourself.

  5. I definitely can’t resist good food. And I can see that the food in himachal is definitely amazing. I would love to try it. The momos really do look delicious.

  6. awww thats a great list, i have been wanting to go to himachal ever since! heard such amazing things and specially the food in mcleadganj!

  7. Looks like an awesome place to visit! I love mountains and being close to nature, so this would be a place I would enjoy going. It looks like you had a good time from the pictures and the soup looks delicious!

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